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Each Bankston Swing is a quality piece of furniture, built to provide long-lasting service. Each swing carries a LIMITED WARRANTY from the date of purchase, for a period of TWO YEARS, and applies only to the original purchaser. If, during this period, the swing fails to function as designed, and such failure is the result of materials and/or workmanship, you may return it to us for repair or replacement, at our option, or a refund of the original cost of the swing. Reimbursement for shipping & handling charges is NOT a part of the refund offer.

Damage to the swing resulting from tampering, accident, abuse, neglect, unauthorized repairs or alterations, or other causes unrelated to problems with materials or workmanship, are NOT covered by this warranty. Repair, replacement, or a refund are the EXCLUSIVE REMEDIES available under this warranty.

The above writing constitutes the entire warranty agreement between the buyer and the seller. Bankston Swing Company MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY OF ANY KIND  WHATEVER, expressed or implied, and all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, which exceed the above-mentioned obligation, are hereby disclaimed by the seller, and are excluded from this limited warranty. The seller is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from breach of any express or limited warrany.


ATTENTION:The 2-year limited warranty mentioned in the brochure does not apply to swings that are placed in UNCOVERED settings. "Uncovered" means without complete overhead protection by a roof. All swings that are placed outdoors in completely exposed or partially covered settings (under trees, decks, arbors, etc.), are subject to a 6-month warranty period.


The "Sliced-Bread" Warranty goes like this ---- if you decide to have us build a Bankston Swing for you, and, if, after receiving your Bankston Swing, you are not completely convinced that your new swing is the "best thing since sliced-bread", ship the swing back to us in the box in which it came to you. If you have enough "nerve" to take this drastic action, we will find enough "nerve" to pay for the return shipping and give you a full refund to boot.

Understand that this is an absolutley risk-free warranty. We are willing to make you this extraordinary offer because of the complete faith we have in our product. Notice too, there is no small print on this page.

You may order your Bankston Swing by writing to:

Bankston Swing Company
P. O. Box 2389
Rockingham, N.C. 28380

or by calling TOLL-FREE: 1-800-YO-SWING(1-800-967-9464)

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