"Swings like Uncle Joe used to make."
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Your fully-assembled Bankston Swing will be shipped to you via common carrier. We currently use Overnite Trucking Company, Watkins Motor Lines, and Roadway Express for our deliveries and receive attractive discounts for shipments throughout the United States. In North Carolina, we are given a base rate for most deliveries.

For direct shipments throughout the United States, we receive a 50% discount.

By pooling orders with friends/family, shipping expenses can often be cut drastically on per-swing basis.

A charge of $22.50 ($25.00 for swings 5'4" and larger), for a single swing, will be made to cover the cost of the box, shipping materials, and time incurred in the packing process. This is a nominal fee as it often takes us over an hour to properly package a single swing. For a 2-swing order, a $25.00 charge will be assessed. Three swings will be packed for $42.50 and 4 swings for $50.00.

You may order your Bankston Swing by writing to:
Bankston Swing Company
P. O. Box 2389
Rockingham, N.C. 28380

or by calling TOLL-FREE: 1-800-YO-SWING(1-800-967-9464)

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*Ask us about our easy payment plan.

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